Ethereum: one million active users for the 10 biggest dApps

As Ethereum will begin its transition to a Proof-of-Stake model, its decentralized applications (dApps) are used more and more. There are now one million monthly active users for the ten biggest dApps around.

Ethereum’s dApps attract new users

Data from dAppradar shows which are Ethereum’s major dApps , which have the most users. Over the month, DeFi Swap ,’s token exchange protocol , gathered the most users (over 500,000), stealing the place from However, the unicorn exchange is second, with 276,000 users. Then there are Compound (144,000 users), Forsage (29,000) and Hex (22,000).

This strong representation of DeFi projects is not entirely surprising. Decentralized finance is enjoying renewed interest at the end of the year, after suffering an exodus of users in September and October. Uniswap has the largest volume: over $ 13 billion for the month.

The trend is confirmed by the active addresses of DeFi projects , which have been on the rise for a month, according to data from CoinMetrics :

The ETH price on the rise

This enthusiasm for Ethereum dApps can be compared to the price of ETH , which is exploding in concert with that of Bitcoin (BTC) . In two days, it takes + 12%, and + 25% over the month:

Note, however, that it just unscrewed early this morning , dropping from over $ 495 to $ 456. However, its progress over the year remains very correct, since it has taken + 158% over the last twelve months. It also has a market capitalization of over $ 54 billion.