Usury of fees at Ethereum (ETH)

The Ethereum network is reaching its limits. The high demand for ethers is increasingly clogging the network and causing transaction costs to skyrocket again.

Ether investors look at the current price with one laughing and one crying eye

The second largest cryptocurrency has increased its share price by almost 50 percent in one week and is therefore listed above the US $ 1,000 threshold for the first time in almost two years. With the height rush, however, the transaction fees in the Ethereum network rise again significantly.

With around 898,000 US dollars in transaction costs in just one day, the Ethereum fees have set a rather sad record from an investor’s point of view. So the current upward trend is ultimately expensive for ether investors. On average, according to bitinfocharts Currently around 0.018 Ether per transaction – at the current exchange rate just under 18 US dollars.

To the crypto compass magazine

The rapid increase is due, on the one hand, to the constant high transaction frequency for months. As the following graphic shows, the throughput of transactions has risen continuously lately and has repeatedly sounded the performance capacities of the Ethereum network.